We would love to hear everyone's opinions and comments. Please let us know! Thank you from the Big Piney-Marbleton Fire Dept.

04/06/2011 21:04

Come on guys blog it, I mean BLOB it!!!

04/11/2011 11:29

You guys are great.The things you do are amazing. I cant wait till the derby thanks guys

Dan Weston
06/21/2011 12:10

Found information about your Pierce rescue pumper online. Our department, (Stockbridge, MA.) is looking to purchase a similar unit. We would love to know as much as we could about this engine. (Pictures of equipment in compartments, price, how well it works for you etc.) Could be a nice Stockbridge fire hat or t-shirt in it for you. -Thanks

07/12/2012 07:05

Was just looking for a site like this, thanks


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